Plant Machinery – Servicing & Re-building

TEC+R carries out Servicing & Re-building all kinds of rotating machinery. Example of such machinery are;

bullet,blue,arrow Speed inducer / reducer gearboxes
bullet,blue,arrow Centrifugal fan / lobe lowers / AHU
bullet,blue,arrow Multi stages pumps
bullet,blue,arrow Magnetic pumps / Canned motor pumps
bullet,blue,arrow Mixers / Agitators
bullet,blue,arrow Rotary valves / Manual valves
bullet,blue,arrow Overhaul & re-wind low voltage motor

Each repair solution for the machinery or components is customized and optimized to the respective situation and requirement of the client’s




TEC+R – providing sales, design and support including  servicing for;

bullet,blue,arrow Delfin Vacuum Equipment and Solutions (Ex-ATEX) Zone1, Zone2 and Zone22…etc.
bullet,blue,arrow Stainless Motor, Inc (USA) Gearmotors and Reducers